List of All Temple Run 2 Abilities & Costs

The Android/iOS game Temple Run 2 has nine different abilities that you can upgrade for a certain amount of coins. Each ability can be upgraded through five different levels, with each successive level costing substantially more coins. Here is a complete list of all of those abilities, as well as how many coins each level costs:

Coin Value

  • 250: Double coins after 1,500m
  • 1000: Double coins start after 1,000m
  • 2500: Triple coins start after 3,000m
  • 5000: Triple coins start after 2,500m
  • 10000: Triple coins start after 2,000m

Shield Duration

  • 250: Increase duration by 25%
  • 1000: Increase duration by 50%
  • 2500: Increase duration by 75%
  • 5000: Increase duration by 100%
  • 10000: Increase duration by 150%

Coin Magnet

  • 1000: Increase duration by 25%
  • 2500: Increase duration by 50%
  • 5000: Increase duration by 75%
  • 10000: Increase duration by 100%
  • 25000: Increase duration by 150%

Boost Distance

  • 1000: Increase Distance by 50m
  • 2500: Increase Distance by 100m
  • 5000: Increase Distance by 150m
  • 10000: Increase Distance by 200m
  • 25000: Increase Distance by 250m

Pickup Spawn

  • 2500: Spawn 10% more frequently
  • 5000: Spawn 15% more frequently
  • 10000: Spawn 20% more frequently
  • 25000: Spawn 25% more frequently
  • 50000: Spawn 30% more frequently

Power Meter

  • 2500: Meter fills 10% faster
  • 5000: Meter fills 15% faster
  • 10000: Meter fills 20% faster
  • 25000: Meter fills 25% faster
  • 50000: Meter fills 30% faster

Save Me

  • 5000: Reduce Save Me by 1 gem (min 1)
  • 10000: Reduce Save Me by 2 gems (min 1)
  • 15000: Reduce Save Me by 3 gems (min 1)
  • 25000: Reduce Save Me by 4 gems (min 1)
  • 50000: Reduce Save Me by 5 gems (min 1)

Head Start

  • 5000: Head Start costs 250 less coins
  • 10000: Head Start costs 500 less coins
  • 15000: Mega Head Start costs 500 less coins
  • 25000: Mega Head Start costs 1000 less coins
  • 50000: Mega Head Start costs 2500 less coins

Score Multiplier

  • 5000: Increase Multiplier by 1
  • 10000: Increase Multiplier by 2
  • 15000: Increase Multiplier by 3
  • 25000: Increase Multiplier by 4
  • 50000: Increase Multiplier by 5

Upgrading everything to its maximum level would cost 624,500 coins total!!

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Temple Run 2: Tips & Tricks for the Most Coins

The sequel to the popular game “Temple Run” was released for Android & iOS recently. Here are some tips & tricks that I discovered while playing for how to get the most coins and the highest score in Temple Run 2!

  1. Upgrade the Coin Value ability as quickly as possible. At max level, the Coin Value ability allows you to collect double coins (red coins) after 1,000m and triple value coins (blue coins) after 2,000m. Upgrading this ability early will allow you to maximize the number of coins you collect on each run.
  2. Prioritize the Coin Magnet. The coin magnet allows you to collect a lot of coins you otherwise would have missed because of jumping or shifting too early or too late. Definitely upgrade the Coin Magnet ability as much as possible, which allows the magnet to last longer. Upgrading the Pickup Spawn ability will let you find the magnet bubbles more often, so this is also useful to upgrade. More importantly, once your character passes Level 5, the Coin Magnet will be available as a Power Up. If you enable this, every time the power meter fills up you can double tap the screen to immediately activate a coin magnet. Then, upgrading the Power Meter ability will allow you to fill up the meter more quickly, and therefore, use the coin magnet more often.
  3. Collect as many gems as possible and use them to resurrect yourself. The big green gems are very valuable because after you die, you have the opportunity to “save” yourself and resume the game where you died. It only costs one gem for the first “save” on any given game, but the cost increases from there. As a result, I usually only limit myself to using a “save” once per game. Only resurrect yourself if you are past where the double & triple value coins appear. That way, you will be able to capture the most amount of coins for the use of your gem.

You can’t collect any coins if you are dead! Some other tips to stay alive include: In mine cart mode, tilt your phone left and right at each fork instead of swiping. If the game is moving too fast, purposely trip over a roof or turn into a wall. The monster following you will start to catch up, but you will slow down and maneuvering will be easier. Just don’t trip twice!

More coins equals more score, so if you follow these tips, you will be able to collect tons of coins and score very highly!

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What do the “Allow Disabling” Powerups Do In Temple Run?

In the Android & iPhone/iPad game “Temple Run,” the last upgrade for each of the four powerups costs 25,000 coins. These are listed:

  • Allow disabling Mega Coin.
  • Allow disabling Coin Magnet.
  • Allow disabling Invisibility.
  • Allow disabling Boost.

What do these upgrades do? Should you buy them?

These upgrades give you the option of turning OFF whichever powerup you bought the upgrade for. That means you won’t see it appear in actual gameplay. Once you get the “Allow Disabling…” upgrade, you can always turn the powerup back on if you choose. The Store will allow you to freely switch between enabling or disabling the powerup at no additional charge.

So why would you want to turn any of the powerups off? Well, the Mega Coin for example doesn’t give you all that many coins. For that reason, I disable the Mega Coin so I can get one of the other, more powerful powerups more often.

Also, if you are focusing on one specific objective, for example, the “10k Runner” to run 10,000 meters, you may want to enable ONLY the Boost powerup and leave everything else disabled. That way, all powerups you find in the game will be Boosts, and you can get a better run distance.

Finally, if you want to collect the most number of coins possible, you need to disable every powerup aside from the Coin Magnet, like I describe in my earlier blog post here.

How to Get the Most Coins in Temple Run

Temple Run is all about getting the highest score and the most amount of coins. But how should you play in order to maximize the amount of coins you collect? Here are a few simple steps:

Upgrade ONLY the Coin Magnet and Coin Value powerups. Alternate between them until both are maxed. The reason is this: at max level, the coin value powerup will give you double value coins after 1000 meters (the red coins), and triple value coins after 2000 meters (the blue coins). Collecting the red and blue coins is key in maximizing the number of coins you collect. But the Coin Magnet powerup is even better: not only does it ensure you collect every coin you pass by, but at max level, the coin magnet TRIPLES the coin value of all coins you collect. That means blue coins end up being worth 9 coins each! And with the coin magnet, you don’t need to focus on moving side to side to get every single coin. Instead you can focus on avoiding obstacles.

Do NOT upgrade the Mega Coin, Invisibility, or Boost powerups. If you only want to focus on collecting the most amount of coins, these powerups cannot compare to the eventual triple coin value that the coin magnet gives. Each time the game decides it is “time” to give you a powerup, it picks from among the powerups you own. So, if you only own the coin magnet, it will give that to you every single time. You will not have less powerups overall.

Unfortunately, if you have already upgraded one or more of the other powerups, you will not be able to maximize the number of coins you collect. In that case, you can either clear all of your game data in Settings > Application Manager (for Android – warning! this will erase everything – all of your scores and purchased items!), or, you can max out every powerup, then spend 25,000 coins to allow disabling of each powerup.

How to Remove Pre-Installed Apps from a Samsung Galaxy S III

A brand new Samsung Galaxy S III comes with a number of built-in stock apps that some call “bloatware.” If you never plan on using any of these pre-installed apps, then they just take up space and clutter up your Apps menu.
Since the apps come installed with the phone, you can’t actually uninstall them like you can for apps you personally download. But there are ways to either disable the apps or hide them.

  1. Go to Settings, then Application Manager. Swipe left through the ‘Downloaded’ and ‘Running’ tabs to get to the ‘All‘ section.
  2. Inside the ‘All’ tab, scroll down to the stock app you want to disable. Click on it, and then click the Disable button in the top right. If you do not see the word Disable, but you see ‘Uninstall Updates’ then click that instead. Afterwards the Disable button will appear. If you want to undo what you disabled, you can find the disabled apps at the very bottom of the list in the ‘All’ tab. Disable these at your own risk, but these are the ones I disabled:

    AllShare Play: unnecessary
    ChatOn: seems to replicate functions the phone does anyway
    Game Hub: seems like mostly kids games & I can get games from Google play anyways
    Google +: I don’t need it.
    Media Hub: I don’t plan on purchasing through Samsung’s app
    Music Hub: Ditto.
    S Suggest: why not just use Google Play?
    Samsung Apps: I don’t see a reason not to just use Google play
    Talk: I might as well just text

Some of the stock apps cannot be disabled (the Disable button will be greyed out). In that case, there is still a way to remove the app icon from the app menu.

  1. Once in the apps menu, hit the Menu button. Click Hide Applications. This will place check boxes on each icon so that you can select which ones to hide. If you ever want to undo what you hid, there will be a new option in after you hit the Menu button called ‘Show hidden applications.’ These are the apps I had to hide this way since I couldn’t disable them:

    More Services: it just seems to link to the Samsung Apps
    VPN Client: I don’t currently need it, so I might as well disable it

I decided to leave a few of the stock apps for now in case I use them, such as Play Books, Play Magazines, Play Movies & TV, and Play Music. However, they can be disabled just as easily.