How to Get the Most Coins in Temple Run

Temple Run is all about getting the highest score and the most amount of coins. But how should you play in order to maximize the amount of coins you collect? Here are a few simple steps:

Upgrade ONLY the Coin Magnet and Coin Value powerups. Alternate between them until both are maxed. The reason is this: at max level, the coin value powerup will give you double value coins after 1000 meters (the red coins), and triple value coins after 2000 meters (the blue coins). Collecting the red and blue coins is key in maximizing the number of coins you collect. But the Coin Magnet powerup is even better: not only does it ensure you collect every coin you pass by, but at max level, the coin magnet TRIPLES the coin value of all coins you collect. That means blue coins end up being worth 9 coins each! And with the coin magnet, you don’t need to focus on moving side to side to get every single coin. Instead you can focus on avoiding obstacles.

Do NOT upgrade the Mega Coin, Invisibility, or Boost powerups. If you only want to focus on collecting the most amount of coins, these powerups cannot compare to the eventual triple coin value that the coin magnet gives. Each time the game decides it is “time” to give you a powerup, it picks from among the powerups you own. So, if you only own the coin magnet, it will give that to you every single time. You will not have less powerups overall.

Unfortunately, if you have already upgraded one or more of the other powerups, you will not be able to maximize the number of coins you collect. In that case, you can either clear all of your game data in Settings > Application Manager (for Android – warning! this will erase everything – all of your scores and purchased items!), or, you can max out every powerup, then spend 25,000 coins to allow disabling of each powerup.

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