List of All Temple Run 2 Objectives

The Android/iOS game Temple Run 2 has 44 different objectives which you can complete throughout the game. Here is a complete list of all objectives:

  • Novice Runner – Ran 500 meters
  • Pocket Change – Collected 100 coins
  • Adventurer – Scored 25,000 points
  • Sprinter – Ran 1,000 meters
  • Piggy Bank – Collected 250 coins
  • Treasure Hunter – Scored 50,000 points
  • Stingy – 250m collecting no coins
  • High Roller – Scored 100,000 points
  • Miser Run – 500m collecting no coins
  • Gem Collector – Found a gem
  • Lump Sum – Collected 500 coins
  • Cheat Death – Used a ‘save me’
  • Power Collector – Unlock a 2nd powerup
  • Athlete – Ran 2,500 meters
  • Payday – Collected 750 coins
  • Allergic to Gold – 1,000m collecting no coins
  • 1/4 Million Club – Scored 250,000 points
  • Lucky Strike – Collected 2 gems in one run
  • Couch to 5k – Collected 5,000 coins
  • 5k Runner – Ran 5,000 meters
  • Steady Feet – Ran 2,500m without tripping
  • 1/2 Million Club – Scored 500,000 points
  • Head Start – Used a ‘Head Start’
  • Double Resurrection – Used ‘Save Me’ twice in one run
  • Bonus Items – Collected 20 bonus items
  • Money Bags – Collected 1,000 coins
  • NoTripRunner – Ran 5,000m without tripping
  • 9 Lives – Used ‘Save Me’ 9 times
  • Marathoner – 100,000 lifetime meters
  • 10k Runner – Ran 10,000 meters
  • Money Bin – Collected 2,500 coins
  • Million Club – Scored 1,000,000 points
  • Minor Miner – 100,000 lifetime coins
  • Fort Knox – Collected 5,000 coins
  • 2.5 Million Club – Scored 2,500,000 points
  • The Spartan – 1 million without powerups
  • 5 Million Club – Scored 5,000,000 points
  • Jackpot – Collected 5 gems in one run
  • Speedy Start – Used 5 ‘Head Starts’
  • 10 Million Club – Score 10,000,000 points
  • Circumnavigator – 1,000,000 lifetime meters
  • Gold Miner – 500,000 lifetime coins
  • Midas Touch – 1,000,000 lifetime coins
  • Infinirunner – 10,000,000 lifetime meters

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  • 5

    Here is all the 55 Objectives
    1. Novice Runner – Achieved by running 500 meters
    2. Pocket Change – Achieved by gathering 100 coins
    3. Adventurer – Achieved by accumulating a score of 25,000 points
    4. Sprinter – Twice the novice runner achievement, this one requires a player to have run 1,000 meters
    5. Piggy Bank – Achieved by collecting 250 coins
    6. Treasure Hunter – Requires 50,000 to be achieved
    7. Stingy – This one does not really seem to be an achievement because it is achieved by not collecting coins over a 250-meter run.
    8. High Roller – Achieved by scoring 100,000 points
    9. Miser Run – An achievement that is double the requirement of “Stingy,” this one requires 500-meter run with no coins collected
    10. Gem Collector – Seemingly based on luck, this achievement is for those who have found and collected a gem
    11. Lump Sum- Collected 500 coins
    12. Cheat Death- Used a save me
    13. Power Collector – This is achieved by unlocking a second power-up
    14. Athlete – To become an athlete, it is necessary to have run 2,500 meters
    15. Payday – Achieved by collecting 750 coins
    16. Allergic to Gold – Four times “stingy,” this can be achieved by running 1,000 meters without collecting coins
    17. ¼ Million Club – Requires a score of a quarter of a million or 250,000 points
    18. Lucky Strike – This does not happen frequently. A player achieves a lucky strike by collecting two gems in one run.
    19. Couch to 5K – As the phrase implies, this is an achievement that requires a collection of 5,000 coins
    20. 5K Runner – Achieved by running 5,000 meters
    21. Steady Feet – An achievement that means having run 2,500 meters without tripping
    22. ½ Million Club – An achievement for those who have scored half a million points
    23. Head Start- Use a headstart
    24. Double Resurrection – Achieved by using the “Save Me” function two times in one run
    25. Bonus Items – Achieved by gathering 20 bonus items
    26. Money Bags – Achieved by collecting 1,000 coins
    27. No Trip Runner – This is double the “Steady Feet” achievement. It means having run 5,000 meters without tripping.
    28. 9 Lives – Achieved by using “Save Me” 9 times
    29. 10K Runner – This means having run 10,000 meters
    30. Marathoner – This is 10 times a 10K Runner’s achievement. It is for those that have run a total of 100,000 meters.
    31. Money Bin – Greater than “Money Bags,” this means collecting 2,500 coins.
    32. Million Club – Achieved by scoring 1 million points
    33. Minor Miner – Achieved by accumulating 100,000 coins
    34. Fort Knox – This means having collected 5,000 coins or twice the “Money Bin” achievement.
    35. 2.5 Million Club – Scored 2500000 points
    36. The Spartan – An achievement that means scoring 1 million without using power-ups
    37. 5 Million Club – Scored 5000000 points
    38. Circumnavigator – Achieved by running a total of 1 million meters
    39. Gold Miner – The objective here is to gather half a million coins.
    40. 10 Million Club – Scored 10000000 points
    41. Midas Touch – 1000000 lifetime coins
    42. Jackpot – Even rarer than “Lucky Strike,” this means collecting 5 gems in one run.
    43. Speedy Start – Achieved by using 5 “Head Starts”
    44. Daily Dose – Completed a daily challenge
    45. A Week’s Work – Completed all weekly challenges
    46. Daily Doses – Complete 5 consecutive daily challenges
    47. Daily Dozen – Complete 12 consecutive daily challenges
    48. Weekly Challenged – Completed a weekly Challenge
    49. Archaeology 101 – Found an artifact
    50. Artifact Scavenger – Found five different artifacts
    51. All the Rings – Found all the artifact rings
    52. Temple Runner – Complete 100 lifetime runs
    53. Maskerade Party- Found all 10 artifact masks
    54. Mega Runner – Complete 1000 lifetime runs
    55. Infirunner – Achieved by running a total of 10000000 meters

  • 8

    Hi I made it to level 11 on temple run 2 but there aren’t sny objectives . How can I vomplete more or is that it until a newer version comes out? Thanks

  • 15

    how do I complete the objectives 1:power up 5 times i one run
    2:run 50 000 m with frozen guy

    im on level 11…please help me

  • 18

    What does it mean “a frozen guy- run 50,000 m with frozen guy” . there is no such guy right???

  • 21

    I noticed this too that it does not show count after multiple runs. However, I paused during the game and the counter did show how far he had run. I did it in one run

  • 22

    How do you do the powering up 5 times in one run and power play 10 times in one run objectives in level 11?

  • 25

    Estoy pegada en el nivel 11 no entiendo las misiones de midas touch ni tampoco de frozen guy ya e intentado de todo y no me funciona

  • 26

    After your power up on the left hand side of the screen fills up to green double tab it then it turns yellow again and then after it fills up to green again double tap back to yellow repeat 10xs in one run. Done with level 11! Yay!

  • 33

    By selling your artifacts, you’ll complete the task.

    I’ve reached Level 11 and have no objectives.

  • 34

    I have now level 11 but ultra marathoner; frozen guy and mega runner not completing. I don’t understanding.

  • 36

    I have reached level 12. But its written, “All objectives completed. What i do next

  • 37

    I done with 12 too,,,and for those that are stuck with getting 5000m with frozen guy,,u have to get the jacket for him

  • 38

    Hey i m on level 10 and only one objective “Run 5,000,000 lifetime meter” left. Is there no object for level 11 ? Or the game ends?

  • 40

    hey guys how to complete midas touch and ultra marathon objectives i cant understand how to complete them

  • 44
    Iqra Basharat says:

    How can I complete the objective : Artifact Dealer & Powering Up in Blazing Sands.

  • 45

    All objective are completed but level 12 not showing any thing……how to complete the level 12

  • 47

    I’ve problem in…
    Level 9 of new updated verson
    To unlock an outfit…
    How to unlock…..?

  • 53
    Vaibhavi Ghai says:

    I am in level 9 and objectives Like run 1000 meters in nuzzling sands cole et coins in frozen and pls prise 500 coins what to do? Colecet artefects

  • 54

    Hi i am at level 11 and there is objective called Its a trap open 20 doors of “hall of king”

    Can anyone suggest me how to complete this objective?

  • 56

    I’m currently on level 12 and I can’t figure an objective. “It’s a trap” – open 20 doors to the Hall of Kings. Anybody got a clue????

  • 59

    Hey Richards, the trap is the door in the vault of kings which in sands map u hv to unlock it and in play u see the door u enter in that and thats count one and like that more 19 had to do

  • 60

    Please help can’t unlock blazing sands as lost all coins and gems when had to uninstall game. Kept completed objectives. Now at level 12 any help on how to restore coins and gems. I had over a million coins and over a 1000 gems all gone !!

  • 62

    I have all the objectives complete but 3. 5,000,000 lifetime meters, 10,000,000 lifetime meters and 10 global challenges. I only have 4 mil lifetime meters, and 5 global challenges. Why the hell do they make it take so long to get these last objectives.

  • 63

    Currently in level 12 yet to complete 5 global challenges, 30 consecutive daily Challenges and the10 million lifetime meters… Whats next after this? My bar is 3/4 full. Cant wait thou this will lag me. Do we have level 13???

  • 65

    It’s the blazing sands map… easy objective, just enter the hall 20 times… unless it’s in one run, that’s different story…

  • 66

    Because real die-hards like myself do have more than 20 million meters, and only have to finish one global challenge… It should be hard, so it really is an achievement… I guess there’s currently no level 13, as 10 global challengges is the only one visible right now, in my case.

  • 67

    Please tell me how to finish ‘redeem 10 artifact rewards’ … I saw the answers but I don’t understand. :/

  • 68

    Artifacts are in the Chests that you jump for. They appear randomly and I think not more than once in a run. Sometimes not at all.

  • 70

    Done with level 12 and no list of objectives for Level 13. Do any body have an idea when this will be updated.

  • 74

    I just started the game, 28 days ago. Now I am on level 12. I completed 10M lifetime meters.. Few challenges left. It says I have to complete 10 global challenges. That’s unfair. I thought I could finish the game within a month. Now It’s gonna be long.. but I love the game..

  • 80

    I have completed 85 objectives and I am in 12 level,but I have 1 dout wt is catiographer? Plz can any one help me?

  • 82

    Je n’ sais pas comment réaliser l’objectif qui dit”ouvrez 20 portes à la salle des rois”
    Niveau 10 merci
    Aidez-moi SVP

  • 86

    Suman to Unlock A Map and complete the Cartographer objective, go to the Map tab on the bottom right of screen, pay the 500 gems to unlock one of the locked maps and you will complete the objective after playing a round on that map.

  • 88

    Temple run 2 now has treasure chests more often. Before we used to get only one for one run. Now we get multiple chests. Cool

  • 91

    Hi…I RCH level 14…is there any other levels r there…bcoz I finished all d objectives..BT the game is not end..

  • 92

    Just hit lvl 14. I only have 2 objectives left. Infinirunner: 10,000,000 lifetime and globtrotter: complete 10 global challenges. Globetrotter completes in a few hours once this current global challenge ends. All that’s left is roughly 3.8 mil meters to run

  • 93
    Chaitanya says:

    I have entered level 14 but I have only one globetrotter objective how should i get remaining objectives… Please help me

  • 94

    I have completed 107 objectives level 14 105x multiplier. No other objectives available currently.

  • 96

    I have reached level 13 of temple run 2 game then there came some difficult objectives which take a lot of time to complete.These include infinirunner, midas touch and month’s work. they are so difficult they will take so much time to complete. I have completed only 50% until now.

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