Drew & I Playing Guitar

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Featuring: Drew’s awesome soloing & my rhythm guitaring.

6 comments on “Drew & I Playing Guitar

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    wow that was… umm INTENSE. :P you two look sooo serious! like geezzzz and lol love the , one eye Serious glance @ the camera & then BACK again :P hahaha like ok just makin sure its still there . but im not gonna break my concentration! .. im sry if i was in the same room i was be so tempted to bust out laughing!! tooo much of the “seriousFace thing” goin on!! :P

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    Actually i dont think Drew ever Smiles when playing? & since it looks like neither do your is that some guitar playya thing :P

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    Maaaan!! That was HOT!!! Makes me want to learn how to play even morre!! You guyz can play!… Dont stop there…show us some more videos!!

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    cool, phd and music skills, very impressive maybe you and my hubby can jam sometime, he plays the bass, oh and im a vocalist just in case you ever want to start a band, except im more of a musical theatre, jazz, adult contemporary vocalist. im discovering that a lot of friends i know are in to the arts thats really cool.

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