List of All Temple Run Powerups & Costs

Temple Run is a fun game for Android & iOS. Here is a list of all the powerups that can be unlocked in the game, along with the cost in coins to unlock them:

Mega Coin:
250: Enable the 50 Coin powerup.
1000: Increase Mega Coin to 75 coins.
2500: Increase Mega Coin to 100 coins.
5000: Increase Mega Coin to 125 coins.
7500: Increase Mega Coin to 150 coins.
25000: Allow disabling Mega Coin.

Coin Magnet:
250: Enable the Coin Magnet powerup.
1000: Make Coin Magnet last longer.
2500: Coin Magnet doubles coin value.
5000: Make Coin Magnet last longer.
7500: Coin Magnet triples coin value.
25000: Allow disabling Coin Magnet.

250: Enable the Invisibility powerup.
2500: Make Invisibility last longer.
5000: Make Invisibility last longer.
7500: Make Invisibility last longer.
25000: Allow disabling Invisibility.

Speed Boost:
250: Enable the 250m Boost powerup.
1000: Increase Boost to 375m.
2500: Increase Boost to 500m.
5000: Increase Boost to 625m.
7500: Increase Boost to 750m.
25000: Allow disabling Boost.

250: Double Value coins after 1500m.
1000: Double Value coins after 1000m.
2500: Triple Value coins after 3000m.
5000: Triple Value coins after 2500m.
7500: Triple Value coins after 2000m.

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